''Wonderful eye for creating the right ambiance for site photos.''<br/>Steph, owner, Ireland.  ''Very reasonably priced for this level of quality.''<br/>LYS - Vacation rental properties.  ''These photos really highlighted my rooms' art and unique style.''<br/>- Françoise, owner, France.  ''The photos of this home caught our attention and we were not disappointed ! ''<br/>-Yevgeny, tourist, Russia.  ''Very friendly service. And the photos of my rental directly contributed to more reservations.''<br/>Clare, owner, England.
Villa avec piscine

Photos ​of your Property Investment: The numbers speak for themselves.

It's no surprise that people are much less likely to click on a property listing with no photo (about ten times less!). Yet limiting the significance of real estate photography to this single fact would be simplistic. For it is not enough to have one or more photos, they must also be quality photos. Indeed, just any photos, or worse bad pictures will likely have a negative effect.
However, if the photos are both interesting and professional looking, they encourage people to contact you, especially when we know that 90% of buyers begin their search on the internet! (1)

When viewers read the contents of a real estate ad, they tend to spend 60% of their time viewing the photos, only 20% on the property description, and 20% on the Realtors / owners comments. (2)
This means that photos largely determine if your prospect's interest has been peaked or else rejects your ad.

In home sales, surveys conducted in the United Kingdom established that properties listed with professional photos returned 3-4 times more interest in visiting the home, and can lead to selling at 13% higher price than the market value !

(1) source : Fnaim
(2) 2012 university study

"Hiring a professional photographer often leads to a quicker sale at a higher sales price."

Redfin USA Real Estate Network
"Just one bad photo can cause you to lose a potential buyer."

"It's the photo that makes the phone ring."

Rémi Tarricone, founder & manager of Immo et Images.
"After price and location, pictures are the most important factor that buyers look at when choosing which house to view."


Our Photos:

​As you can see in our portfolio, a client's property need not be a luxury mansion worth millions in order to still shine in their photos. Our site and our work reflect reality, clearly communicating what the client will see for themselves in person. Our photos highlight the benefits of your precious investment, whether a small studio, apartment, townhouse or amazing villa!
Our goals are the same as yours: to move your property faster, at a higher price, and generate more visits or reservations. Photos that are high quality, professional and effective.​

ALAIN.B photography is committed to maintaining confidentiality of the locations photographed: all information such as property owner name, address and descriptions of the properties remain strictly confidential, unless otherwised authorized by its owner.